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scott albrecht is an artist living
and working in brooklyn, ny.



My work is inspired by an ongoing observation of the situations happening around me, from the larger, shared experiences of our current events down to the more personal and intimate moments.

I look at these experiences not in isolation from each other but as connected and often informing a larger conversation of how we are all connected. Through my work I reflect and distill those insights in an attempt to preserve those times or feelings during them. Because of this, I often see the final works as artifacts or reminders of what is taken away, and have come to use this perspective as a guide in my work — to create something worth being reminded of.

Within my work, a large part of my approach involves abstracting typography and exploring an idea in a more visual or physical way. Through various approaches, the shapes and relationships within each work are informed by letters and characters from an underlying message within the piece. It’s intentional that these works alter the relationship a viewer has with its legibility in an attempt to shift from simply reading and consuming a message to experiencing and considering an idea through a more visual language.



Scott Albrecht was born in 1983 in New Brunswick, NJ, and currently lives in Brooklyn, NY. In 2003, he received a degree in Graphic Design from The Art Institute of Philadelphia. Perhaps best known for his cut, painted and assembled wood pieces, he also works in a variety of other mediums including steel, collage and pen & ink on paper, panel, sculptures and murals. His work has been published and exhibited both domestically and internationally. Scott has collaborated with a number of clients including Paypal, the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM), Rag & Bone, Vans and Blue Moon Brewing Co.





the holdout

artist residency


direction/ instruction

Group Exhibition
paradigm gallery, philadelphia pa


august 2019


Group Exhibition
Outré Gallery, Melbourne, Aus.

july 2020

waiting for our eyes to meet

solo Exhibition
hashimoto contemporary, nyc

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