Art in the Age | Philadelphia, PA
October 3 – 31, 2014

PHILADELPHIA – Art in the Age presents The Distance Between Two Points, a solo exhibition of new works by Brooklyn-based artist Scott Albrecht. The exhibition will run from October 3—31, 2014 with an opening reception on Friday, October 3rd, from 6—8pm.

In The Distance Between Two Points, Albrecht explores themes of time, perception and interconnectivity. The artist took a holistic approach toward this exhibition, inspired by the concept that consciousness is informed by multiple factors, shaped by personal histories and past experiences. His goal was to create a body of work with layers of meaning, each piece functions individually yet many convey a larger message collectively, in relation to the others.

The title piece—a wooden triptych measuring 30" x 90"—depicts a sunrise-to-sunset progression across three panels. Fragmented geometric shapes represent connected elements, or moments in time, which form a larger picture when assembled together. Separately, each panel has a distinct subject yet when combined, they communicate a beginning, middle and end as a perpetual cycle.

In a series of panels called Situations, painted mostly in black and white with teal and coral accents, Albrecht uses the eye as a central icon, symbolizing observation and personal experience. Additionally, a series of hand-drawn typographic works on found book covers contain phrases and imagery that tell a story when viewed in sequence, yet stand alone as singular statements, as well.

In conjunction with the exhibition, Albrecht will release a small edition of screen prints as well as a zine of polaroids taken over the past year titled "A Series of Moments." Each copy of the zine will include an original polaroid taken by the artist during the same period of time.


Scott Albrecht was born in 1983 in New Brunswick, NJ, and raised in Bethlehem Township, NJ. In 2003, he received a degree in Graphic Design from The Art Institute of Philadelphia. Albrecht is currently based in Brooklyn, NY and a member of The Gowanus Studio Space. His work incorporates elements of woodworking, hand-drawn typography and geometric collage using vintage printed ephemera and found objects. 


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