TrickGo | Philadelphia, PA
June 25th – July 20th, 2011



PHILADELPHIA – Trick Go of Philadelphia presents ALONG THE WAY, a solo exhibition of new works by Brooklyn-based artist Scott Albrecht. The exhibition will run from June 25—July 20, 2011 with an opening reception on Saturday June 25, from 6—10pm. 

Albrecht often uses found materials as alternative canvases for his work (discarded books, maps, and wooden boxes) carefully selected for their aged and weathered textures. ALONG THE WAY features a new series of three-dimensional works on wood, hand-drawn typography studies on paper and a screen-printed multiple released in conjunction with a limited edition T-shirt, designed by the artist exclusively for Trick Go. 

In ALONG THE WAY, Albrecht focused on capturing specific moments from his life, especially memories of events in which he found inspiration and discovery. These moments are represented thematically throughout the exhibition and specifically documented in a series of four works called Moments in Time. Expanding upon his signature typographic aesthetic, Albrecht explores abstract interpretations of typography in his Moments in Time series. In each of the four works, the artist integrates a set of eight numbers which represent a significant date (mm/dd/yyyy), dissects the numerical letterforms into a system of painted wooden geometric shapes, and embeds hidden codes into the resulting puzzle-like pattern.

For Albrecht, exhibiting in Philadelphia, the city where he went to art school, brings the idea behind this exhibition full circle. The city served as a starting point to many facets of his creative work, education and inspiration — ALONG THE WAY is a culmination of many ideas influenced by Albrecht's time living in Philly and the years that followed.