W/ Damion Silver

Colab Projects | Brooklyn, NY
May 25th – June 23rd, 2013

BROOKLYN - Colab Projects is pleased to present Wood and Pulp, a two person exhibition by Damion Silver and Scott Albrecht. Wood and Pulp features new bodies of artwork, including collage, assemblages, and works on paper. The artists' works share an intricate use of found objects and carefully wrought wood and paper.

Silver and Albrecht both have backgrounds rooted in design as well as influences and techniques derived from traditions of crafting by hand. While there are strong commonalities in the artists' processes, Wood and Pulp demonstrates distinct approaches in their use of material and the resulting forms.

In the process of creating Wood and Pulp, Silver and Albrecht found unexpected insights about the other's work. Viewers will share this sense of discovery around how the highly considered works communicate and diverge.

A common point of departure for Wood and Pulp is the concept of balance. Meticulously formed materials, whether derived from wood or paper, come together to form a larger composition. Many of the materials, imbued with their own past memory and meaning, take on a personal significance in the resulting work. While there often inherent context in the underlying material or iconic form, each artist distinctly draws upon these, then recomposes and presents their own records that re-contextualize and communicate anew.


Scott Albrecht was born in New Brunswick, NJ and raised in a small town called Bethlehem Township, NJ. Albrecht is an artist and designer based in Brooklyn, NY and a member of The Gowanus Studio Space. A graduate of The Art Institute of Philadelphia, his work has been exhibited and published internationally. A self-taught woodworker with a passion for hand-drawn typography, Albrecht utilizes classic techniques with contemporary style. Much like the organic line elements of rendering type by hand, Albrecht has found joy in the imperfections that are his own. 



Damion Silver was born and raised in central Connecticut and lives and works in Northern MA. Silver is a predominantly self-taught artist, who has developed his skills from trades such as animation inker, cabinetmaking, and foundry work. His latest body of work evolves his collage and assemblage techniques from paper to wood and metal. Utilizing found, made and sometimes liberated materials, Silver draws influence from the decaying urban landscape and a lifetime of skateboarding on the East Coast. Silver's work has been shown from coast to coast, Europe, Japan and Australia. When not designing at his day job, he is hanging out with his son and wife.